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15 December 2012 @ 01:56 am
[Fanfic] A Reverie About The Sea [YamaChii]  
Title: A Reverie About The Sea
Pairing/Characters: YamaChii [Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri] / Various characters + minor OC's
Rating: PG (so far)
Warnings: AU
Notes: First fic in a long time, hope you (kinda) remember me! ♥
Summary: He dreams about the former sea, what it was like before the ice came, what the seawater was like and now he finds himself in a new world. A world under the sea but over the ground. How is that even possible?

Silent shrieks were heard by the frozen and cold shore. A boy with light brown hair stood by the shore and watched the sun go down. They were stuck here forever. The never ending ice had captured the sea until time stood started moving again. What in the world could make the world’s sea freeze like this? Not once in his life has he'd been told what life was before the ice, the only one thing he did knew was that a society beneath the ice existed somewhere.

“Ryosuke! Dinner is ready!”
“I'm coming!” The boy shouted back and took a last glance at the frozen sea before heading back to his house. What he didn't knew was that it were three people who were watching him.

“What will come forth now?” The shortest of them asked.
“I have no idea, but we better go and alert Ohno-sama about it.” A black haired boy replied and the girl nodded before they disappeared. The last person stood about 500 metres away, hidden behind a large block of ice. Her ash blonde hair were in two ponytails and she began to write on the ice.
“5 hours left until expected arrival. Surroundings; Still normal and calm. Waiting for an update." The letters she wrote on the ice disappeared as soon as she was done. “Now I just have to wait.”

As the dinner was over, Ryosuke decided to take a nap. The day had been tough; trying to move different sizes of ice blocks to find new routes throughout the world. Since no one knew when it was land or when it was sea underneath the ice, the work went slowly so no accidents could happen and safety lines were set out to indicate the border between land and sea. 5 hours slowly went by without any special disturbings. Being a bit sleepy, Ryosuke rose from the bed and went out to the shore. Before he reached his favorite place by the shore, two people appeared and knocked him unconscious and caught him before he fell to the ground.

“It starts now brother” The shortest one said as her grey eyes shimmered in the moonlight, full with concern about the sleeping boy.
“I know, it will be okay. I promise..” The black haired boy answered his sister as his eyes shimmered with the same emission as his sister's.
“I know.. Chinen will take care of him, I’m sure of that”

Ryosuke woke up by someone patting his head with a wet cloth and when slowly moving his hand to catch the caretaker’s, the patting stopped.

“I see you’re awake now Yamada-san” A raspy voice said.

Ryosuke opened his eyes and accustomed himself to the surroundings slowly before looking at the voice owner.

“Where am I?” Ryosuke groggily asked and tried to sit up but a hand on his chest prevented him from doing so.

“Lay down Ryosuke-san, you’ve traveled far in a short time,” The caretaker said gently. “Your body need to rest, your mind maybe don’t need it but I can assure you that it won’t do any good to start walking around now”

Ryosuke nodded and laid back again but turned his head towards the caretaker to ask his question again.
“Where am I?”

“This is the Underworld,” He got as a reply and the caretaker raised his head and looked at the window on the left of Ryosuke’s bed. “Do you see the sun?”

Ryosuke turned his head left to check the window and got a surprise when he saw that there was no sky. The only thing he saw was a blank space, just like a mirror, reflecting the ground below.

“The.. Underworld..?”
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Natsuko is Natashathedorabangs on December 15th, 2012 01:17 am (UTC)
SPOT! looks interestinggg <3
deguchihsj: Jreng~ jreng~~deguchihsj on December 15th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
My spot please~
etto, Defi desu! Yoroshiku~ ^^