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This is Rhea speaking~!

What you are now going to read may cause you damage on your health.

I have warned you so be prepared.

  • Born the 6th January 1993 aka 17 years old

  • Currently 153 cm tall

  • Status: Taken

  • My actions and speaking is like a childs but my thinking is like an old granny.

I love

♥ Hey! Say! JUMP

Chinen YuriYamada RyosukeYamaChii ♥ YabuNoo ♥ TaDaiki ♥ OkaJima

♥ B.I.Shadow ♥ Nakajima Kento ♥ HouKen

♥ Hey! Say! 7 WEST ♥ Kotaki Nozomu ♥ KamiTaki

♥ Arashi ♥ Ninomiya Kazunari / Matsumoto Jun MatsuMiya / OhMiya ♥ SakurAiba

♥ SHINee ♥ Lee Taemin ♥ 2Min

♥ Super Junior ♥ Kim HeechulSiHan ♥ EunHae ♥ YeWook

♥ KAT-TUN ♥ Kamenashi Kazuya / Ueda Tatsuya ♥ AKame ♥ JunKi ♥ RyoDa

♥ NEWS ♥ Shigeaki Kato ♥ KoyaShige | ♥ Tegomasu ♥

And please don't question me why Nakayama Yuma isn't there....

He's just my favourite teasing object so I had to leave him out of here

More about me can be that I love to make new friends! ♥

I am not a shy person since I am actually good at pretending and placing myself in other's point of view.

I am a dreamer and I love to visualize! To me, nothing is impossible even though I am pretty negative on that point haha. Another thing to add is that I AM RANDOM - which means..I can say one thing but mean another. I can tell you not to do something and then I do it by myself. I have a twisted sight of the world yes.....

I have been in the fandom of J-Pop since spring 2009 where I found out of V6 (as I searched after some cute and hot idols - and of course I stumbled upon JE...) but to me...they were kind of....old....and actually.. before that, I had collected some pics of the current JUMP members and the reason that kept me going was Inoo Kei. His picture from the 2008-2009 calendar was simply awesome to me and I still hold it close to my heart. From that point (when I didn't know JUMP was a group) my ichiban was Kei. Then..I accidentally stumbled upon the list of Johnny's and found out about Hey! Say! JUMP. Guess what happened next? I was caught.

Drowned into the sea of their awesomeness and youth. I still admire them for having accomplished so much to be so young, aww...sometimes I wish I could have take my singing career further...

Oh well..before I got caught in the world of J-Pop I was a big fan of Super Junior too (I still am) - which was the main reason why I got into J-Pop but that's another story to write about.

These persons below holds a special place in my heart

(in no special order)

ruizu_143♥ hsj4lyf ♥keiyuu_ruka♥ ayakanishi♥ amuletdia♥ follyfjonk♥ swimmer_chen♥ sexynakaken♥ eroxhime♥rin_chii♥ loveokamoto ♥shiroikazex ♥emmachase♥ daichanlove miika_daiscent♥ red_turtle423♥ fruitytunes♥ yuriski ♥nodoka06♥ aliciaswr♥ hibinoasami♥ heyitsmaxsin♥ jinkamenashi ♥splashgreen ♥ladydalatis ♥yoshida30 ♥starswithwings♥ kyu_x♥ nijinoyoru ♥watashidare♥ chu_kei ♥

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