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chiyakenyu's Journal

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Rhea | Guchi




This is Rhea speaking~!
It's been about 3-5 years since I last was here on LJ. I decided to update this bio at least in case someone manages to find my dark past lmao.


  • 6th January 1993 | SWEDEN

  • Extra smol | Any pronouns OK!

  • SWE/ENG/日本語OK!

  • 弱虫ペダル/ハイキュー‼ enthusiast.

  • YouTaite/Coverist/Mixer/Artist/Scanlator

  • Cosplayer since 2015



The current me (2017), is looking back with wonder how the frick they could write something like this? But I made some friends back in my LJ days that I still treasure a lot even today!

Enough of that. Right now, my main interests are mainly the same? I just? Kinda switched some fandoms? haha

I started cosplaying in 2015 and it was around 2014 that I got "back" into my anime feels as well. Now all I think of is pretty much only cosplaying (and money lmao). Recently, (June 2017) I have been catching up on the releases and stuff I have missed from JUMP. It really have moved me to the point of tears //cries. It's been such a long time!! I miss them so much!! ;A; (guess who's wallet will be crying soon? Yes.. mine)

Currently, I am in a 6 year long relationship, but my feelings for Chinen Yuri are still going strong even though it's been around 8 years since I started being a fan of JUMP. It sounds weird, but there's so much I have to thank Chinen for (probably won't ever be able to do it but haha I can wish)! You're still going strong as my ultimate bias among all my favorites (anime and idols alike lol)


Hearing that JUMP will celebrate 10 years as a group also moved me a lot. 10 years is really a long time and even though they've been through a lot of changes, hardships and success, they're still what I remember from 3 years ago (my most recently bought single of theirs is Come On A My House). It warms my heart! 


If you think anything of this (or something on my links) has been interesting, feel free to hit me up! :D



Written back in LJ days 2010 probably lol

I have been in the fandom of J-Pop since spring 2009 where I found out of V6 (as I searched after some cute and hot idols - and of course I stumbled upon JE...) but to me...they were kind of....old....and actually.. before that, I had collected some pics of the current JUMP members and the reason that kept me going was Inoo Kei. His picture from the 2008-2009 calendar was simply awesome to me and I still hold it close to my heart. From that point (when I didn't know JUMP was a group) my ichiban was Kei. Then..I accidentally stumbled upon the list of Johnny's and found out about Hey! Say! JUMP. Guess what happened next? I was caught.
Drowned into the sea of their awesomeness and youth. I still admire them for having accomplished so much to be so young, aww...sometimes I wish I could have take my singing career further...
Oh well..before I got caught in the world of J-Pop I was a big fan of Super Junior too (I still am) - which was the main reason why I got into J-Pop but that's another story to write about.

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